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TCM Cough Treatment in Singapore


Since the epidemic began, many people have been coughing, and even after the ART tested negative, they are still coughing.

Some people coughed for two or three months, and some people even felt that their lungs were about to be coughed up. Taking cough medicine didn’t help much.


From the perspective of TCM, a cough is complicated, not just a lung problem, and the TCM cough treatment is not as simple as cough relief.


As the saying goes, “the first cough is in the lungs, the middle cough is in the spleen, and the chronic cough is in the kidneys”. It means that the lungs are the viscera involved at the beginning of the cough, because “the lungs are the canopy”, and the lungs are like the protective umbrella of the human body, and are the first to be invaded by pathogenic factor.


In addition to being attacked by pathogenic factor, internal viscera disorders can also cause coughing. For example, liver fire invades the lungs, spleen dampness produces phlegm, etc. Therefore, it is also divided into “dry cough”, “phlegm cough”, “cold cough”, “hot cough”, “deficiency fire cough” and so on. Each cough has a different treatment method, or clearing the lungs and moistening dryness, reducing phlegm and relieving cough, etc.


Chronic cough for a long time and it will not get better, it is often because the exogenous infection has not been well treated and recuperated, which hurts the lung qi. If you don’t pay attention at this time, it may further affect other viscera.

What Should We Do?

If you are still coughing, don’t procrastinate. It is recommended to find a professional Chinese physician to take your pulse immediately, determine what type of cough it is, and prescribe specific medicines to regulate and treat it.

In daily life, eat less spicy and raw food, and keep warm. You can stew some Chuanbei pear soup to drink. Of course, everyone’s constitution is different. It is recommended to consult a TCM doctor and ask the doctor for professional advice.


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